25 Apr 2014

Case Study: Claddach Kirkibost Centre, Isle of North Uist

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The Claddach Kirkibost Centre is a former school in North Uist, which now functions as a community centre housing a café, computing facilities, space for evening classes and talks, and a nursery.

What made you decided to install a wind turbine?  

We wanted a renewable source of energy to offset the running costs of our ground source heat pump which serves the Claddach Kirkibost Centre and to reduce the overall energy costs of the centre. A wind turbine had been recommended in the original energy feasibility study but we had been unable to proceed with that aspect in 2008 .

What advice and support did you receive from West Coast Energee?

We received a very clear outline of the options available to us including sizes of turbine, planning aspects.  Since installation there has also been very good support.

What services did you receive with your installation?

We were given helpful examples of calculations of energy outputs with varying mast heights and locations which enabled us to consider the viability of our project. West Coast Energee also helped in dealings with SSE.

How did you find the installation process?

The installation was carried out on time and in an efficient and highly professional manner.

What are your thoughts on the wind turbine so far? Would you recommend it to other groups or organisations?  

We would definitely recommend the Aircon 10kw turbine for consideration by other organisations – it is very effective and very quiet in operation in our location even though it is on a 10m mast due to planning restrictions.

Were you able to take advantage of any incentives?

We were able to take advantage of the Feed-in Tariff.


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